Card Terminals with Stability and Service

The payment terminal is a crucial part of your business. We offer a reliable card terminal and worry-free ownership. Replacement insurance is included, as well as a new payment terminal every two years.

What Paytrim Provides

We know that your payment terminal is at the heart of your business, which is why we set a new standard for terminal leasing. Paytrim provides the best service on the market, take care of your payments in a completely new way, and make sure you always feel safe and secure.

24 month SWAP

Your terminals are replaced automatically at no extra cost.

Terminal Insurance

If anything happens, we will replace your terminal within 24 hours.

Backup Terminal

We ensure your backup terminal is up and running within 5 minutes if needed.

Your New Payment Terminal

Meet our stable and reliable card terminal Paytrim M2. You get your card terminal pre-installed and equipped with a SIM card, ready to use right away without the requirement of a wi-fi network.

Paytrim M2

Affordable, integrated/stand-alone terminal for use in store.
  • Multifaceted - Supports multiple users

  • Fast receipt printer

  • 3.5 "TFT LCD color touch screen with pin keypad

  • Handles payments with chip, magnetic strip, and contactless cards

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