To charge a customer should be easy and safe for you as a merchant, but also for your customers. Unfortunately, merchants and their terminals are sometimes used for fraudulent activities. This can range from the use of stolen cards to manipulation of terminals. In the worst case scenario, a fraudulent transaction can result in you, the merchant, having to bear the cost of that transaction.

Together we can prevent fraud before it is made. Below is some valuable advice for you as a merchant to avoid being a victim of fraud:


Terminals are valuable piece of equipments for your business. To avoid fraudsters from tampering with the terminal or installing skimming equipment, we at Paytrim recommend that you always keep the terminal under surveillance:

  • Do not leave the customer alone with the terminal during the payment process.
  • Check continuously that no external changes have been made to the terminal, such as glued-on parts around the keypad or terminal openings.
  • Pay attention if a person takes an unusually long time to pay or tries to distract you at the time of payment. This may be an attempt to tamper with the terminal.


Make sure to only perform refunds to the card on which the original payment was made with. By denying refunds to other cards, you can prevent fraudsters from using your business for fraudulent activities and money laundering. A common scam is for fraudsters to buy goods with a stolen card, which they later try to return to their own cards. This in order to convert the stolen goods into disposable cash on their card.

The merchant always has the right to refuse a request of refund to another card other than the original one.

Abnomal behaviour

Pay extra attention if you, as a merchant, notice that a visitor is spending an unusual amount or at a higher frequency than you are used to. The risk is that the visitor is using a stolen card and the purpose of these purchases is often money laundering.

If you are a merchant selling products that are more likely to be converted into cash on resale, such as watches and jewellery, you should be particularly attentive.

Train all employees

Ensure that all employees know how payment/credit cards and terminals should be managed and inspected. Also what constitutes abnormal behaviour and how to act if different situations where to arise.

It is particularly important that new and temporary staff receive training as soon as possible, as fraudsters tend to strike when they know that regular staff are not on site and during opening hours with most customers as the employees may not be as attentive.

Contact Paytrim to report suspected fraud or for more support.

In case of suspicion of fraudulent purchases, manipulation of terminals or any other anomaly, please contact Paytrim support as soon as possible. Either via email at or call us at 010-7500990 for further in the matter.

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