A payment platform that elevates and simplifies the entire payment experience through advanced automation, smart features, and complete transparency.
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Solutions that save time, optimize your cash flow, and transform every transaction into an opportunity for growth and customer insights.


With permission as a payment institution, under the supervision of financial authorities, security is at the core of our platform.


Through fast settlements, accessible support, and smart features, we simplify the process of accepting payments.

Fast onboarding

Get started in minutes

With smooth onboarding, you'll be ready to accept payments in just a few minutes.

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With zero friction

Seamless payments

Your cash flow is crucial. That's why our platform ensures seamless and secure transaction processing, with funds available on your account as soon as the next day.

Modern platform

Get more from your transactions

Empowered by an innovative and user-friendly payment platform equipped with advanced automation, integrated solutions, and powerful data insights, we optimize your payments from start to finish of each transaction.

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Fast onboarding

It goes on a blip

With our smooth digital onboarding you get started and can charge in just a few minutes

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Zero friction

Interruption-free payments

The entire flow is tailored to handle card payments quickly and securely - completely without interruption and with payouts the very next weekday.

Robust platform

Get more out of your transactions

Through a forward-leaning and user-friendly payment platform with advanced automation, integrated solutions and real-time data insights, we optimize the entire flow — from start to finish of every transaction.

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Smart insights =
New opportunities

Track transactions in real-time, analyze sales trends, view upcoming payouts, and effortlessly generate reports—all consolidated in a single, user-friendly platform.

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About us

From idea to product

Paytrim was founded with the vision to empower business owners. Through simplification, enhancement, and relentless innovation, we're reshaping the payment landscape to help you realize your ambitions faster with every transaction.

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About Us

From idea to product

Paytrim was started with a vision to make a big change in an old branch. By simplifying, improving and constantly challenging, we are introducing a whole new payments landscape - where every transaction helps entrepreneurs more quickly realise their ambitions

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