Our Goal is to Create Change for Entrepreneurs

Whether you are a restaurant owner or run a store, we deliver value throughout the transaction journey. A simple onboarding process and a new and modern payment platform with smart features - all designed to help you grow your business and improve the cash register experience.

Innovative Payment Solution

Our service is tailored to give you valuable features and transparent pricing with fair conditions. With our new payment platform, that sets a new standard for payments, everything is possible. We believe that small and medium-sized companies deserve the same service and functionality as large companies receive.

Office Culture

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The Paytrim Team

Almir Orle

Cloud Specialist

Eric Johanson

Founder & Head of Product

Gustav Buder

Founder & Head of Growth

Jakob Larsson

Back End Developer

Jonas Sjöhag

Full Stack Developer

Maciej Strama

Founder & Head of Sales

Markus Ahlgren

Senior Risk Officer

Nicklas Persson

Back End Developer

Oscar Stjerngren

Member of the Board

Jonas Brenner


Alexandra Österlind

Team Lead Operations

Thomas Kellagher

Member of the Board

Ingela Klar

Senior Tester

Azra Osmanevic

Member of the Board

Gustav Falk

Back end developer

Tilde Waldeck

Account Manager

Lina Nyberg

Business Analyst

Ronja Ahumada

Compliance Officer

Andreas Odenfelt

IT-Infrastructure Specialist

Are you looking for a new challenge? Would you like to join a team that is passionate about delivering the payment solutions of the future?